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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 10

Just got back to download my flight and then off to see how Antje is. I haven't seen any of the other guys but I'm sure you'll get an update when they get in. A 117km task was set today to help finish things off with a bang. I had another good start and was in touch with the leading gaggle most of the way. I was held up on a plateau crossing and let them slip away. Was heading to the last turnpoint and had pegged them back to within reach of about 1 km when my stabaliser line decided to retire early for the day. So with my left wing tip flapping in the breeze and a glider that had straight flight issues, I found it very hard to keep in touch. Eventually I landed at the 92km mark. Hmmmm....
Signing out as I've got to check on Antje.

1 comment:

  1. bad luck Shane about your stabiliser breaking. good going anyway! thanks for taking such care of Antje. i hope you are feeling better Antje! hi James, hi Gavin - enjoy the last day. you've done us proud.